Code Compliance

Durafuse Frames

Code Compliance

UES ER 610

DuraFuse Frames are approved for use under the International Building Code, LA Building Code, and California Building Code. See UES ER 610 for code compliance. 

AISC 358-22

DuraFuse Frames have been prequalified for use per the procedures in AISC 341-22 Chapter K. DuraFuse Frames are included in AISC 358-22, Prequalified Connections for Special and Intermediate Steel Moment Frames for Seismic Applications.

DuraFuse Frames have been reviewed for use in California Hospital Projects.


DuraFuse Frames have been reviewed as OSHPD Preapproved Prefabricated Components and Systems (PCS-0004). See the DuraFuse Frames HCAI Design Guide for more information.

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