For Contractors

It can be hard to try new things, but improvement requires change. Owners want buildings that will be functional after severe earthquakes. Contractors are in a position to make that happen by encouraging the use of DuraFuse Frames.
DuraFuse Frames are faster to fabricate and erect than other steel frames. There is no field-welding for the connections and there is no “threading the needle” to get the beams to fit. DuraFuse Frames are fabricated and erected by the regular steel fabricator/erector on the project. We have worked with dozens of contractors, fabricators, and erectors and look forward to working with you.
You can provide seismic resilience for the owner and save time on your schedule by using DuraFuse Frames.

Tip: The Resources section of the website has a downloadable DuraFuse family for REVIT to make modeling easy.

The Resilient Seismic Solution