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Journal of Structural Engineering, 2023, Vol. 149, Issue 3

Functional Recovery of Steel Special Moment Frames

This study used FEMA P-58 to quantify the functional recovery of steel moment frames. DuraFuse Frames were compared with other proprietary and non-proprietary special moment frames that sacrifice the beams. Response history analysis showed that DuraFuse Frames had up to 47% less residual drift than other frames because of the enhanced post-yield stiffness. FEMA P-58 analysis showed dramatically better functional recovery (cost and time) for DuraFuse Frames because of the lower residual drifts and improved repairability.

Engineering Journal, 2022, Vol. 2022, Issue 2

Cyclic Behavior of DuraFuse Frames Moment Connections

This paper describes the experimental testing of eleven specimens with various beams sizes (W21×50, W30×99, W40×167, W36×232). Testing was performed at the University of California, San Diego. The experiments prequalified the DuraFuse Frames connection for use in special moment frames (see AISC 358-22), and demonstrated fuse replacement. One specimen completed tests with three MCE earthquakes in sequence without fuse replacement.

Journal of Constructional Steel Research, 2021, Vol. 185

Cyclic Hardening Factor for Replaceable Shear Fuse Connections

This paper presents experimental results for specimens with W33×152 and W36×150 beams. It discusses fuse strain hardening, and explains why DuraFuse Frames have much greater post-yield stiffness than other special moment frames.

Steel Construction, 2019, Vol. 12, Issue 3

A Repairable Connection for Earthquake-Resisting Moment Frames

This paper describes the experimental testing of specimens with W27×84 beams and W21×132 columns. The experiments demonstrated rotation capacity beyond 0.05 rad, which exceeds AISC requirements for special moment frames. The tests also demonstrated successful fuse replacement.

Journal of Structural Engineering, 2019, Vol 145, Issue 12.

Cyclic Behavior of Replaceable Shear Fuse Connections for Steel Moment Frames

This paper reports on the original DuraFuse prototype tests. See how it all began.

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