For Engineers

The codes are moving towards addressing resilience in addition to life safety. If you can provide a resilient frame for the same cost as a non-resilient one, why wouldn’t you? Provide your clients with the most resilient and most economical moment frames.

The Resources section of the website has the technical information you need to learn more and make an informed decision:

FAQs provide answers to the most common questions related to DuraFuse Frames.

Code Compliance provides links to the documents that demonstrate DuraFuse Frames compliance with the International Building Code, California Building Code, Los Angeles Building Code, and AISC Seismic Provisions.

Technical Bulletins provide in-depth discussion of 25+ engineering topics. Peruse the titles and abstracts to find the bulletins that pertain to your questions.

Refereed Journal Articles have been peer-reviewed and describe DuraFuse Frames prequalification testing, moment frame weight comparisons, and functional recovery of moment frames. If you don’t have access to some of the journals, contact us to get the papers.

The Resilient Seismic Solution